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Marlow Tampons

3.000 KD
Mess-free tampons 💅🏽

🩸Don't want blood on your hands? We get it. Marlow's sustainably-made 100% cotton applicator tampons make periods mess-free.

"The applicator is great, super easy to use and feels ‘clean’/low tox"

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Why you'll love this

✅ Dermatologist tested
☁️ Certified 100% organic cotton
🙅🏽‍♀️ Free of fragrance, dyes, synthetic fibres, and chlorine bleaching

What's included

18 compact applicator tampons per box
🌱 Plant based applicator
🌎 Compostable wrapper


How soon can I get my order?

If you are based in Kuwait and order before 4:00 p.m. you can expect to receive your order the same day! Otherwise, your order will be scheduled for delivery the next day (except Friday’s).

Do you ship outside of Kuwait?

Yes! We offer international shipping, with special rates to GCC countries. A DHL tracking number will be sent to you shortly after placing your order. GCC deliveries usually arrive in 2-3 business days, while international orders can take 5-7 business days.

Where else are your products available?

Kuwait | We have partnered with a number of brands to bring Tsuno pads closer to you! You can find us on online platforms with speedy-delivery like Drops and Yahaal as well as find us in over +40 store locations in select Trolley branches and pharmacies. Find the full list here.

UAE | Our Tsuno pad collections are available on Drops UAE and Powdered Beauty.

What payment methods are accepted?

We have partnered with TAP payments for smooth and secure payments. We accept Knet, Visa, Mastercard and Apple Pay.

Which pad should I get?

We have 3 varieties of pads available for your flow. If you are unsure about your flow’s heaviness, we usually recommend starting with the Super Pad and then deciding if you would prefer more length and coverage (with Overnight Pad) or less (try the Regular Pad)!

Will the ultra-thin pads be able to absorb with no leaks?

Yes! You’ll be surprised to see how well these pads absorb while barely being able to feel them. We always recommend wearing our pads with wide underwear to make sure the pads stick properly and offer maximum protection.

What’s so special about bamboo?

Once you’ve tried bamboo, you’ll never be able to go back! It’s incredibly soft and gentle as well as hypoallergenic, that means even the most sensitive skin will not experience any itchiness or rashes while wearing it!