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YuYu Warm Worms - Blue Benjamin

15.000 KD

YuYu’s snuggly Warm Worms are ideal for keeping little fingers and toes warm and cosy all night long.

Our playful and colorful covers are easy to care for and come in a washable 100% cotton coat. 

Warm worms have a clever design feature on the back of the head. You will notice a small tear off piece of Velcro, which not only acts as a second layer of protection from little fingers but also works as a type of comfortable shoulder strap. Just gather the tail of the worm and swirl it around your shoulders and slip it into the back of the worm’s head.

Dimensions: L81xW13cm.

Material: Sri Lankan grade A natural rubber bottle.

Requires less than a kettle of water to fill up (less than 1 litre), cleverly designed bumps on the surface of the bottle trap air within the fabric making it stay warmer for longer.

For cold use: Simply half-fill with cold water, fold in half and put in your freezer for approximately one and a half hours or until you can feel the water start to freeze! 

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